Frequently Asked Questions

We are the world’s most secure and powerful cloud based printing kiosk.
Kwik Print allows you to print anywhere quickly and securely at your convenience.
All print jobs are stored on a secure Public Cloud System with end-to-end encryption for 7 days. A registered UserID and password is required so that nobody else can access your files.
It functions like a vending machine, only safer. Place an order and the machine will process your order. Refer to “Kwik Guide” for more details.
Our charges follow market standard print shop charges.* 
B/W: RM0.09 (A4), RM0.18 (A3) Colour: RM0.90 (A4), RM1.80 (A3)
Kwik Print Station allows you to print anywhere using any of your own device easily.
Kwik Print Station operates 24/7 at certain locations. We are expanding quickly. Currently, Kwik Print is available in educational institutions, universities and colleges. We’re already expanding into commercial/residential locations. We are easily found on GPS via the ePRINT app.
Currently, we do not refund unused credit balance as there is no expiry date on the available credit. You can use it whenever you want for future printing, at any time you decide.**

*Kwik Print Station reserves the right to amend the printing charges when necessary and all new rates will be published on the website and Kwik Print Stations.
** It is advisable that you choose the right amount of pre-paid reload which are set at the minimum of RM10.00, RM20.00 & RM50.00 according to your printing needs.