Kwik Print – A student’s printing dream come true

A student’s life can be difficult when it comes to budgeting their daily finances. Any added financial burden like owning a
printer just means less money to enjoy student life.

Yet, printing is an essential part of handing in projects, thesis and other homework. Thankfully, there’s an all-in-one solution
that provides the world’s largest cloud processing system that lets students print anywhere.

Provided by Kwik Print using HP Printers, this convenient, hassle-free and affordable solution lets students place their
documents on a highly secure, cloud-based document management to be printed at a nearby Kwik Print kiosk.

All students need to do is download the ePRINTit mobile app. The file uploading, payment methods and everything related to
this enterprising solution is all in the ePRINTit app.

The best part is, the files can be uploaded from any device, from anywhere. Whether you have a desktop, laptop or mobile
device, Kwik Print allows you to access the printing services with total mobility. So you can send the file from your home or
even from the university library. If you’re a student, Kwik Print might just be the solution that helps you save money so that
you can spend it on other enjoyable student life perks. Like that extra boba milk tea to reward yourself for a project well done.

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